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This review is long over due. Dr. Torres was my optometrist when I lived in SF... after a bad experience in NY, I flew to SF every year to see him... and did the same when I moved to London... and now continue to see him from San Diego. He is phenomenal, end of story. The office is flexible, accommodating, always has *the* latest technology (included in the price of an appointment), and the prices are completely reasonable. I have never felt pressured to purchase anything, and I know Dr. Torres genuinely cares about my health/eyes/etc. my contacts and glasses always fit wonderfully (despite my high maintenance orders - prescription lenses in sunglass frames shipped across the country). I have recommended him to all of my SF coworkers, and they have had similar experiences. Also, I love the name... it makes me laugh every time.

November 15, 2016
Kate H.

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