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Contact Lenses

Eye Carumba Optometry can order most soft or hard contact lenses available in the United States with a valid prescription. Dr. Torres and Dr. Yeh are expert RGP lens fitters with specialized training in hybrid contact lenses. At Eye Carumba Optometry, all new contact lens wearers are trained by our doctors to assure maximum probability of success.

You must have a prescription in order to place an order for contact lenses

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Pick up your lenses

Pick up your order refills at our office. Most orders placed by 11 AM will arrive the afternoon of the next business day. We will notify you by e-mail and/or when your order is ready or if there is any delay.

What Our Patients Say

This is the type of retail experience you look forward to sharing with others. I was hoping upon hope that the folks here could help me. I had invested in a beautiful, pricey pair of prescription sunglasses a few years back. Then, the week before my visit, I had carelessly placed them on top of my car as I pulled out of a parking space. The glasses flew off the car and hit the ground violently. The lenses were OK, but the frames were severely bent. I brought the glasses into Eye Carumba, asking about a possible repair, expecting to pay a decent price. Sophia, the Eye Carumba employee, spent about 20 minutes in their lab making adjustments, coming back and having me try them on, until they felt just right. In the end, just 30 minutes after I arrived, I had a repaired pair of Paul Smith sunglasses that felt better and sturdier than the day I purchased them. And the charge? $0. I will definitely be coming back to Eye Carumba.

August 23, 2017
Angelo B.

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