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Health Information Release Form

To have your most recent examination records and prescription released to Eye Carumba Optometry, fill-out and submit this "Request for Release of Healthcare Information" form, below.

Patient Information

Information to Be Disclosed

Transfer Record From / To:


Name of person or class of persons to whom the Practice may disclose my health information:

Joseph Torres, O.D.    Mark Yeh, O.D.
O. Vanessa Avery, O.D.    Jacqueline Su-yuo, O.D.
Laura Tracewell, O.D.
Eye Carumba Optometry

Address to which my health information should be delivered:

Four Embarcadero Center, Lobby Level
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel: (415) 772-8282   Fax: (415) 772-8222

It is the responsibility of the patient to know and understand their vision insurance benefits. The patient agrees to be responsible for all fees not covered by their vision or medical insurance plan.

Term: This Authorization will remain in effect from the date of this Authorization until the Transferring Practice fulfills the request.

By my signature below, I hereby authorize the Transferring Practice to use or disclose to the recipient my health information for the term of this Authorization for the following specific purpose(s) ("At the request of the patient" is sufficient if the patient is initiating this Authorization):

At the request of the patient.

I understand that once the Practice discloses my health information to the recipient in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Authorization, the Practice cannot guarantee that the recipient will not re-disclose my health information to a third party. Any such third party may not be required to abide by this Authorization of applicable federal and state law governing the use and disclosure of my health information.

I understand that I may refuse to sign or may revoke (at any time) this Authorization for any reason and that such refusal or revocation will not affect the commencement, continuation or quality of the Transferring Practice's treatment of me; except, any revocation will not be effective as to disclosures made in reliance of this Authorization prior to the Transferring Practice’s receipt of my revocation. If my treatment is related to my participation in a research study, I understand that the Transferring Practice may refuse to enroll me in the research study if I do not sign this Authorization.

I understand that this Authorization will remain in effect until the Term of the Authorization expires or I provide a written notice of revocation to the Practice's Office Manager at the address listed below. The revocation will be effective immediately upon the Practice's receipt of my written notice, except that the revocation will not have any effect on any action taken by the Practice in reliance on this Authorization before it received my written notice of revocation.


What Our Patients Say

"I am a new patient and had a really wonderful experience with Eye Carumba. 

I needed to schedule an appointment ASAP, as there was a last minute mixup with the doctor I had intended to visit, who was no longer carrying my insurance. Eye Carumba is right next to my office and despite an extremely full schedule called to let me know they could fit me in that day. Perfect!

The visit itself was wonderful and very informative. Both the doctor and the staff were extremely patient and helpful, and the doctor was very upfront about everything he was doing. He answered all my questions in a straightforward and detailed manner, and gave me a ton of free pairs of the new contact brand (my eyes had been overcorrected previously and I had been wearing a very old contact brand, and the doctor said just to come back any time to sample new contact products if need be). I felt as if my I was being listened to and that I had 100% of the doctor's attention while I was there. 

Shopping for doctors is not an easy process, and Eye Carumba did a fabulous job with me as a new patient. I would highly recommend them."

January 1, 2016
Julie A. Customer since 2016

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